Biomimetic and PhysChem Measurements
  • ​​Lipophility at pH 2, 7.4 and 10.5
  • In vivo distribution predictions based on compound affinity for biomimetic stationary phases (HSA, IAM and AGP)
  • Solubility
  • Property Forecast Index (PFI)
  • Drug efficiency and dose prediction
  • ​Model building for in vivo pharmacokinetics, lung retention and tissue partition
​£300 per compound
Biomimetic and HPLC technical support
BMCC will help and support your organisation in setting up your biomimetic HPLC measurements. BMCC will provide long-term tech support to maintain your organisation's physchem measurement capability, ensuring ongoing effective and efficient drug discovery.
With 25 years teaching experience, 10 years of which was teaching on the UCL School of Pharmacy's MSc Drug Discovery program. Professor Klara Valko will teach you all you need to know about HPLC and bio-mimetic chromatography.
Training Courses

Lipophilicity and Biomimetics

Solubility and Permeability

HPLC Fundamentals

​Our courses:
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With 22 years at GSK as a principal scientist and having supported over 25 neuroscience and respiratory programs; Klara is well placed to support you in the development of lead compounds. This coupled with her extensive experience and knowledge of bio-mimetic chromatography, Klara can help you select and improve the best candidates to achieve your aims.
Lead Optimisation Support