Bio-Mimetic Chromatography Consultancy joins Discovery Analytical Consulting drug discovery consortium

Biomimetic chromatography consultancy is proud to announce a new collaboration with Discovery Analytical Consulting (DAC). We look forward to working with Mark Portsmouth, the owner and founder of DAC, in supporting drug discovery projects across the industry.

DAC offers a wide range of consultancy services drawing on 30 years of experience within drug discovery. These include:

  • Analytical chemistry advice supporting: synthetic chemistry, compound QC and CofA, physical chemistry assays and in vitro ADME assays
  • External study management supporting effective collaborations across the industry alongside data analysis advice and auditing
  • Applications development to build robust separation and analytical HPLC methods
  • Analytical training to optimise the effectiveness of applied analytical systems
  • Compound management by providing support and advice on workflow process and advice on automation providing audited and efficient project tracking and documentation

For more information on how DAC can support your drug discovery projects visit the website ( or get in touch to discuss the opportunity further with Klara Valko at [email protected]

Klara Valko from Bio-Mimetic Chromatography will give a lecture at a symposium for Property-Based Drug Design in Medicinal Chemistry on the 16th June 2017

The Property-Based Drug Design in Medicinal Chemistry symposium is organized by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute and will take place from 16th June to the 17th June 2017 at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel in Boston, United States Of America